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Taste of Kismet: Kismet’s Kreative Kulinary


                                            Photos & text by Jeannie 

On a gorgeous summer weekend Kismet cooks gave up the beach to slave over hot stoves creating their culinary masterpieces - to show off and sell at the new, bold event created by the KFDA (Kismet Fire Department Auxiliary) under the guidance of KFD liaison Joan McKeehan. The beloved Pancake breakfast was swapped for a sophisticated no holds barred “tasting”. Their only instruction:  Cook for 100


There were last minute entries so no one knew what exactly was coming and/or how it would be received.

Well – (spoiler alert) it was a smashing success!!!


People lined up promptly at 6PM and the food was gone by 7:15

But many reluctant to leave such  a community friendly event lingered as spirits poured and soared  around the Dirty Martini table, then on to the bar for champagne and wine then off to an after party at Joanie & Jimmie’s house and finally, an impromptu celebratory Bloody Mary morning at the McKeehan’s.  Well done!



Note from event organizer Joan McKeehan:


Being a first time event for Kismet I had no idea how it would come off although I should have known from past events that Kismet folks always step up.  First thanks to my co-organizer, the unbelievable war horse Joe McKeehan who took up the reins when I was elsewhere. Lauren Dennis, Joanne Scellato and Joanne Agoglia were of insurmountable help having tons of catering experience. Gregg Weisser had the original concept and did procure the raffled off Surf's Out gift certificate as well as some chef participation. Thank You Surf's Out for your support.


The chefs ranged from Buffy (shaking her booty) making dirty Martini shots all the way to Frank Robandos's  fab pecan Pie.


In between were:


The Lambies on kids' food keeping them in their own little happy world.

Dr Janet's RedOnion/Parmesan Bites

Lauren Dennis' Spinach balls

Tom Licari's Summer Cerviche

Caryn Burke's Steamed Mussels

Jimmy Sposato's Roasted Oysters with shrimp moule

Jane Mooney's stuffed figs and dates

McKeehans Pulled pork served over a Dunkin' Munchkin (or hero bread for the less adventurous)

Joe Mck made a rockin' red sangria & Agoglia family the wonderful white

Bradlee White's fab broccoli and fruit slaw

Geri Phillips Corn Souffle (plain and southwestern style)

Rosie's baked ziti (as only a Liotto can do it)

Tony Manzo's lasagne with Puttanesca Sauce

JoAnn Padovano's home made Ciopinno in a very fancy Tureen

Linda Barkan's tossed salad ( for those with lighter tastes)

Chef (really) John Benninzoni's chicken Tostados

Wendy Schau's yummy pot stickers

Joanne Agoglia''s short ribs, her sister Jamie's outrageous White Sangria and son in law Lou's Mac & Cheese with Lobster. (really??? all that from one family?)Oh I think they made a salad too).

To round out the dessert table Kellie Bertucci made some wild Oreo coookie brownies and sweet Joanie Esposito made mini cupcakes.

And then it was back to Buffy's station for more dirty martini shotsl!!!!


As always my go-to people Gary & Dawn Leone and Patti Romanzi came thru at the last minute to work the door because Kevin & Ginny Butler had to back out due the new arrival of their granddaughter (congrats), Dr Linda is always there to help hawk tickets (she's so good at that)


Added props go to Victor Liotta for his hawking the 50/50 and Bonnie Metcalf who did whatever was needed and then some. Cody Baker made sure the trucks were out of the bays so we could set up and Chief Dominic provided music for us all to groove on. Rusty Phelan as always was there to offer his low-key help- thank you Rusta-Roni.........


As you can tell by the LONG  list of people to acknowledge - it takes a town of Kismetians to pull something like this off - especially the first time.


Love and Thanks to you all.  This one is a keeper, look for it again next year in some shape or form!


Joanie & Joe McKeehan 


They lined up to get in  



Suoer Salesman Vic L selling 50-50’s

And his helpers learning the sales pitch


Service with a smile















Eat this

Its really good!













Happy diners:











Jenks kitchen secrets to the Xanadus?

A giggly charming Soirse

And  her sidekick

Lucky day trippers got into the event

Hmm – wonder   what’s in this……

Even the kids voiced their opinions

Bradley pushing her cole slaw

Swapping recipes?

Towards the end there was a run on the Dirty Martini table

And the 50-50 winner is…….


To the approval of the crowd

Uh! Is this the winner for the Gift Certificate?

Gary & Dawn L’s winning ticket sold to her by their daughter Lauren

The keeper of the green!


All gone!!!


Is there a Kismet Cook Book in the future? Hm……………………