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Kismet Pasta Dinner:  the best ever!

Text & photos by Bradlee


There certainly were more people and they all seem to be having such a wonderful time.  Joan pointed out that the KFD Auxiliary had moved the date from October to late September.  The weather was gorgeous.  Perhaps, also, it was a feeling that after all we had been through this past year; it was something of a miracle that we could be gathered again, with a good part of our community rebuilt.  Whatever, it was great.  The net take was more than doubled from last year.  On behalf of all, Patti R. expressed her gratitude for the community support.

          Doors opened at 6:  By 7, the meeting hall was crowded with people meeting and greeting and standing in line.


Come in Jane.jpg

Come in Jane

Alice arriving.jpg

Here’s Alice

CA's Peter.jpg

Cartoon Alley’s Peter


Dave & Tess Lambe.jpg

Dave and Tess


Laurie B.jpg

Laurie B


Pete & Caryn Burke.jpg

Pete & Caryn Burke helped out


          The dinner was cooked by Lou, Gary & Dawn and visiting Warren Lem.  It was served by Dawn, Bonnie and Cindy.  Sharon and Joann sold drink tickets and Rusty was one of the bartenders.


Cook Lou and crew Jennifer.jpg

Lou and Cindy


Warren and Bonnie.jpg

Warren & Bonnie M. in the Kitchen


Dawn serving a dinner.jpg

Dawn serving up pasta


Sharon & Joann sold drink tickets.jpg

Sharon and Joann


Rusty the happy barkeep.jpg

Rusty at the bar, also Jimmy Sugrue


Gary & Dawn finally get to eat.jpg

Gary & Dawn finally get to eat



kfd dining hall.jpg

The KFD equipment bay/dining hall


Dawn & Lee.jpg

Dawn & Lee Lem


Deb, Sid & Laurie.jpg

Deb, Sid & Laurie


helen and bill.jpg

Helen Q & Bill Scholler


Charlie & friends.jpg

Some folks couldn’t resist checking their phones


checking phones.jpg

Myrna, Kathy, Maureen & Laurie too


          There was lots of schmoozing before, during and after dinner.


beautiful baby.jpg

Oh baby!



Donald & Pete.jpg

Don Q. & Pete


Joe & Lou.jpg

Joe B. and Lou


Kathy & Phil.jpg

Kathy Decker & Phil



Lee & Roz.jpg

Lee & Roz


Lou, Joe, John & Carl.jpg

Lou, Joe, John and Carl


Madonna & Sam Jr.jpg

Madonna & Sam Jr.


Margaret & Joann.jpg

Margaret S. & Joann


Marsha, Rusty, Patty & Judy.jpg

Marsha, Rusty, Patty & Judy


Skee & Linda.jpg

Skee and Linda


Steve & Myrna.jpg

Steve and Myrna


The 50-50 raffle was a big hit pulling in $1500.  In Kismet tradition, an innocent child – Tess Lambe – was chosen to draw the winning ticket.  Carl claimed the prize --  representing Al Cella.  Who’s Al Cella? Oh, that Al Cella from Fair Harbor.


Neil enthusiastically sold tickets, helped by Vic & Rose


Waiting on raffle announcement.jpg



Waiting on raffle announcement1.jpg

And waiting


Tess drawing winning raffle ticket.jpg

Tess picks a winner


The winner is....jpg

And the winner is…


The winner, Carl, uh no.jpg

Carl!, uh, not


As if this was not enough, there was a huge birthday cake for Stephen, Janet and Tom.


Happy Birthday Stephen, Janet & Tome.jpg


          Elliot’s clean up crew moved in with some unannounced volunteers – Anna Manzo folded chairs, Bill washed pots & pans and Lee cleaned the kitchen the next day


Anna folding chairs on her own.jpg

Anna Manzo folding chairs.


what a great night.jpg

What a great night!