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 Baking or Buying – A Sweet Successful Event

                                           Pix & text by Jeannie


 Days before the event kitchens on Fire Island and in America were busy performing creative culinary feats and bakers reveled in the joy of baking (and showing off).

It was the annual Kismet Bake sale event from the KFDA Kismet Fire Department Auxiliary.


The team:

Patt Villachi, leader of the event coordinators: Phyllis Bakalar, Michelle Schecter, Sherri Roth, Rose Liotta and Ginny Butler spent weeks telephoning each other and reaching out to contributors. The set up began the night before and at dawn. The effort paid off in a much appreciated event which had buyers at the door at 9AM and sold out by noon, one hour before official closing time.  One man bought his wife’s cake!


The Wrapping Table






Checking the Prices


The Merchandise
















Someone cheated here – this looks professional – no matter – we’ll take it all 


Bakers included

Allison Koncwelik (Polenta cake)

Debbie Einstein (Praha Palace cupcakes)

Kismet Market Vanilla cake with milk chocolate icing

Helene Hellman flourless chocolate brownies

Kate Arthur Kahwa Kake

Sharon Sitone Banana Blueberry bread, Banana Blueberry Pecan muffins

Jen Cole Monkey Bread

Patt Villacci Krispy Treats, Bark Decadence, Southern Rum Cake, Lemon                                   Pound Cake

Dawn Leone Pizza Crumb Cake

Nancy Russell Pistachio Pound cake

Summer Wind Banana Chocolate Chip cake

Krysia Lambie Sour Cream coffee cake

Brooke Lambie Cupcake cake

Georgette Hermann Cinnamon Streusel

Sheri Roth Brownie Cake

Joyce & Joanie Cherry Chocolate, chocolate pudding cake

Ginny Butler Banana Nut Bread, Chocolate Chip brownies

Bradlee White Rugala

Amy Wood, Amy’s Crumb Cake

Michelle Schechter Magic Bars, Cranberry Oatmeal Crumb cake, Red Velvet cake

The Out Roasted nut & honey bars

Debbie Schwartz Flourless Chocolate Cake

Joan Mc Keehan Pistachio Walnut Bundt cake

Soirsia & Emmie Ryan Chocolate Chocolate cake

Dana (Bulkhead) Chocolate Chip brownies

Jeri Phillips Crumb Cake

Pam & Anna MAnzo Chocolate C hip Brownies

Lazy Bones Raisin Scones. Apple Caramel Crumb cake

Karen Burke Bailey’s Irish Ganache cake

Christine of Brown Sugar Red Velvet

Joanne Agoglia Oatmeal, apricot white chocolate chip cookies,

    Dried cherry, almond amaretto biscotti

Jane Weisser Mixed Berry Tart

The Drums Oatmeal Chocolate chip cookies 

Cheryl Licari brought in cookies at 12:30 only to find sale over!

Omission unintentional

Thank you all


Official greeter


The first buyers Mossie & Fran waiting at door 9AM


Hmmmmmmmmm – so much to choose from for Book Club that afternoon



The Customers shop and pay up

A family event


Gary’s into it


Shopping joke?

Hope Carole & Susan share (my neighbors)

John A ponders…….

…and ponders

Gigi wants something Mom Patt didn’t actually make!


Young KFD supporter

Gregg scooped up some for his Seabay PotLuck dinner later that day

Dennis also bought for contribution to Seabay potluck (easier than cooking)

Patti said “really???” after she contributed cakes, Rudy brought another home!

Joe’s delight

Some brought their own coffee to go with the cake

Ah This one will do! Let’s go home and eat it

This late donation was purchased before it could even be wrapped

Family that shops together, noshes together

John, chef extraordinaire, with a critical eye

An arithmetic lesson as he counts out the dollars

Dana of Bulkhead pleased with her choices

Smiles as sweet as their cakes



A mini fashion show by one sophisticated buyer

He wanted in also

Another fashion statement


Our lifeguards, reporting for work at the firehouse, also gave in to temptation and had sweet lunches


John C grabbed a box and bought one for each of his boat passengers

This generous shopper put his change into the donation jar – with a “thank you”

An act repeated many times that morning.
The event raised $1500!