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                                                by Bradlee White

Kismet's annual mobile art exhibit -- the “Art Crawl" is destined to be held on a hot, humid day. August, September - hot and humid. How about June? Just  joking.


Kirk, Ellen and Sandy planning their visits

Art connoisseurs Debbie & Eddie, Jennifer & Neal and guests begin the crawl          

Starting in no particular order, I visited The Lost Art of Jean Woods first.  Sam, with his visiting niece, told me that when selling Jean’s Sanibel house, he had some personal effects shipped here.  They were surprised to discover a cache of beautiful paintings and sketches of both Sanibel and Kismet they had never known about.  After Sam’s siblings get a chance to see them, Sam is considering making prints for sale. 

Sam and his niece with Jean Woods’ lost art

Visiting the Butler house, I again found Coty and Amber not at home.  Cody, who was exhibiting hand-designed t-shirts and beer cozies crocheted by his girl friend, Sasha, was playing in a basketball tournament in Saltaire.  Amber was in Georgia so dad Kevin showed her prints and earring holders.  In any case, the Butler show was stolen by granddaughters Ciara, selling cookies and 4 mo. old.
Maya just looking baby cute.

Ciara Butler selling cookies


Maya Butler looking baby cute

Kimberly Butler’s fine art consisted of amazing, almost psychedelic photographs – No Photoshop involved she told us.  One was commissioned by Led Zeppelin that they will use on their upcoming tour.  Kirk and Ellen from Avalon bought that one.  Another was for Pink Floyd.  There was an all elements photo – water (the bay), earth, sunset, sky and person and a Buddha. 

Pete and Christine at Kimberly Butler’s

Brian Kelley and Rachel Towle were situated just outside Ms. Alice’s Candy Store.  The many talents of Brian include photography as well as music (DJ) and computers (Beach Blaster web site.  Rachel, whose three-dimensional staircase was a big hit last year, followed up with a similar technique in a different venue. 

Browsing Brian Kelley’s art


Rachel Towle

 Caroline Stern’s property is always worth a long stop.  Her house is a work of art with works of art inside and out.  Caroline and George make art and invite others to do the same.  The deck was again filled with children making seashell art and the grounds were, well, indescribable. 

Caroline’s is so, so….




Children making art at Caroline’s

Both Peter Schmidt and Andrea Wikso are very talented photographers.  Since Andrea has been working nights, Pete was the designated art guide.  He had a number of panoramic using photo stitching and some great shots of this summer’s fireworks in Saltaire.  While most of us headed to the bay to get our shots, Pete set up camp on the bird watching platform at Field 5.  He used two cameras for time shots:  one camera focused on the fireworks and the other on the Lighthouse.  He later combined the photos. 

Pete Schmidt

Bill Poindexter, an accomplished and successful painter, again organized the Art Show.  As always, Bill exhibited his originals on the side of his house and had a long table full of prints of originals, many previously sold.  Because of last year’s Super Storm, some of the artists were not ready to show and/or host in August, so Bill moved the date to Labor Day. 

Bill Poindexter

Justin Healey used the corner of Seabay and Burma Road (the signs call it Cedar Court) as his exhibition space.  He had a long table of t-shirts with Fire Island themes, including references to surviving Sandy. 

Kim looks ready to buy one of Justin’s Ts.

Morgan Mooney has obviously used her free time from the ferry to create some beautiful paintings and sketches.  Her drawings for the posters for the Children’s Wednesday movies were shown in an album.  Some of Brendan’s famous post-Sandy photos were also on exhibit.

Dawn admiring one of Morgan’s paintings

Anthony Padovano and James Kennedy showed and sold their Fire Island red wagon t-shirts from the grassy gate area of Sam’s office.

Anthony and James’ famous red wagon theme

KLAW volunteers Helen Quenzer and Carole Thomas, spelled by Joann Agoglia, Collette Weiser, Regina English and Alice Shultz., sold holiday ornaments filled with sand, shells and beach glass reading “Merry Kismet” – for winter remembrances.   Joann’s sister Nancy suggested the theme:  she and her kids had done this for a Sayville fundraiser.  Joann donated all the materials while Helen, Carole, Marilyn P and I created the ornaments and Delores Dabe the topical sign.           

Helen and Carole for KLAW