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Taste of Kismet

                                      by Bradlee White


Big kudos to Joanne Agoglia and Krysia Lambe for heading up a very successful second annual Taste of Kismet.  Kismet cooks and volunteers worked very hard to make this event both tasty and fun.  In the face of potential disaster – a broken toile6t in the ladies room – Cody came to the rescue.  Krysia and I swept and mopped at three, the tables were set up a four and the ticket sellers – Myrna Ussach, Helen Quenzer and Regina English – arrived shortly after that.


Myrna Ussach, Helen Quenzer and Regina English sold tickets


Serving Food to appreciative customers




Chef John did not disappoint 


 Neither did Jack and Anna with their Extraordinary Brownies



The Spollens made Chicken and Waffles 


These lovely ladies from the Kismet Hilton made Grilled Cheese Skewers with Heirloom tomatoes and Kismet Basil



Brooke Lambe, Lola and Aidan Flores served Ginnie Butler’s Chicken Nuggets for Children 


Joanne, with help from her sister Jaime and brother-in-law Tony, made Couscous with Apricots, Lemons and Pistachio; Crab Cakes with Chipotle Mayo; Pasta with Cauliflower;  Crust less Spinach Quiche; and Stuffed Mini Peppers with Goat Cheese and Prosciutto.



Tony Flores made Indian Tikka Marsala


Other fabulous dishes included Swedish Meat Balls by Wendy Schou of Fruits de Mer; Puff Pastries with Manchego, Honey and Truffles from Krysia;  Shrimp Jambalya from Bob & Marie of Forget About It;  White Cheese Mac from Amy Wood and Judy Phelan;  Caviar with Crème Freche on a Belini by Linda Novachek;  Pasta with Tomatoes etc by Dana;  Vegetarian grape leaves and Tabouleft from Barbara Leeds;  Emmie Ryan’s Jeny’s Mareguento deviled eggs.


There were desserts of course:


Peach Cobbler by Charlene Gibbs



Baked Bosc Pears with Vanilla Ice Cream by Kelli Bertucci


There was also Alyson’s Brownies and Strawberries with Blue Cheese, Pine Nuts and Honey by Sharon and Kim Sitone. 


And, lots to drink:



  Boozin with Buffie and Danielle – dirty Martinis



Cheryl Licari and Gary Leone created the Kismet Sunset 


Sandy Romaka of Fruits de Mer brought Jello Shots; Mark & Kirk, friends of Joann’s made Rum Coffee.



and there was beer and wine from the KFD Wine Cooler.


Everyone had a wonderful time.


A few found seats but most stood and schmoozed



 Arlene Hirst and Arthur Goldberg


Charlie Untracht, Gene McGovern and Maureen Kaley



Nancy Tuck and friends



Peter Engleman and Maureen Kaley



It was sooo fabulous


The 50-50 raffle was won by Geri Proust, a friend of Geri Phillips.




We'd like to thank each and every one of you for making the second annual Taste of Kismet an even greater success than last year. The food contributions were wonderful as were the dessert and cocktail selections. We may even have a few new recipes to share with the bartenders at the Inn and Out.  


A very large part of the success is attributable to Krysia, who pushed and prodded for participation from anyone and everyone. We of course have to mention Joan McKeehan who made last year's event happen and gave us the blueprint to work from.

 Many thanks to the Fire Department for use of the building, their assistance moving out the trucks and picking up boxes of restaurant supplies from the freight boat all week. Now if someone can explain how the sound system works (!) we'll be all set for next year.


In addition to the food contributors, we also thank Carmine P. for assisting with wine selections, Myrna, Helen Q and Regina English for manning the front door; selling tickets, handing out wristbands and drumming up participation in the 50/50. 


We also greatly appreciate Kevin and Ginny Butler sweating out the last few cooking chores in the kitchen and handling dish washing duties. 


Here's to an even bigger and better event in 2015 


Joanne Agoglia