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Kismet Drag Show

                              photos and text by Jeannie


Logan Hardcore fabulous in feathers and fringes

 It was SRO at the Out Monday night as Surf’s Out restaurant owner “Paulie” Barbara repeated his last summer surprise success by importing the same 3  drag queens from Cherry Grove: 3 Miss Fire Island winners: Logan Hardcore, Roxie and Ariel Sinclair, and 2 Entertainers of the Year, Ariel and Logan. Truly Paul touched a nerve of the community incensing some but delighting most. The courtyard was packed, couches and all available seats filled up early with the now savvy crowd flocking to the repeat show. People stood in the back and anywhere there was space and some flexible young women sat on the ground around the stage area. As the over 3 hour long show progressed some had to leave to catch a boat and their seats were instantly filled. Drinks were served by the agile staff weaving their way through the patrons.

Of course many drinks were served to Logan who imbibed practically anything offered (but beer) in a steady stream which made one wonder how long she could retain it after she described (with some illustrating motions) just how and where the male accoutrements are tucked away to give the appearance of a woman in her revealing costumes.

While they were a little apprehensive last year, the first drag queens –er, cross dressers as they refer to themselves – to perform in Kismet, this year they were fearless.

Logan raked through the crowd choosing targets for her acerbic wit – insults flew but the alcohol fueled crowd just ate it up. Her targets ranged from a 70 years old man to a reluctant but irresistible 15 year old girl (these were called up to become part of a “contest” later). They pulled out all the stops in the seemingly random performance. Logan did splits and cartwheels on the concrete floor of the Out courtyard.  Roxie did the same later adding a back flip. They must be commended for executing these flawlessly on a potentially injurious cement floor.

Roxie, stunning in sequins.  Through it all she put the other waiters to shame as she threaded her way spectacularly serving in a mini dress and stiletto heels when she was not “singing” or flipping.

Logan’s requests for drinks were nothing to her demands for tips. When customers offered one dollar bills she quipped “singles are for strippers, not cross dressers” exhorting $20 tips from people and the now traditional $100 from Paul, who meekly complied.

There was a Q & A segment when Logan discovered a couple celebrating their 24 th anniversary which astonished her because she herself is 24 “Drugs make me look older!” and the usual queries about the dressing up process. And the inevitable querie on where her male parts went.

Duplicating last year’s performance there was even a fire alert. However Kismet’s siren is broken so KFD in audience had to wear their pagers. Their exit and re-entrance therefore not as show stopping as last year’s.

Ariel all soft and feminine in a colorful satin mini…until she opened her infamous potty mouth.

Commented owner Paul Barbara: “The first year was an experiment. This time they were told to lighten up the off color stuff and they were more relaxed. (Indeed there was much more interaction with the crowd) was one of our most successful events this season both for the customers and the restaurant.”

The crowd ebbed and flowed through the long show but all left happy, proving a little drag goes a long way in Kismet!